If you take one look around the current business landscape, you’ll begin to notice a shift that has long since been in the making and well overdue. In what used to be a man’s world, the face of business is beginning to look a lot more feminine. Companies are paying attention to the societal demand of placing qualified, hard working women in their rightful leadership roles. Ambitious women across a variety of industries are making it known that they deserve a seat at the table. One of those women is Destiny Davis.

Hardworking, ambitious, and dedicated to serving the community, realtor Destiny Davis is becoming a growing force in the California real estate market. From a young age, it was apparent that Destiny Davis would become a force to be reckoned with and a powerful voice for women in business. Through her hard work and laser focus, the Las Vegas native graduated from high school early at the young age of 16. Her academic accomplishments don’t end there as she immediately left to attend college. Destiny Davis graduated in 2008 from UNLV with degrees in both economics and business law. In 2017, she graduated from Pepperdine University with her MBA in Finance.

It’s easy to get lost in the man’s world that is the finance and real estate, but Destiny Davis champions the initiatives that work towards seeing more female faces in strong, leadership roles. Through her own story, Destiny Davis serves as an inspiration for young professional women everywhere trying to climb the ranks of the business world for themselves. Before embarking on her current venture as a highly sought-after real estate agent, Destiny Davis served as the COO for a multi-million dollar premier plastic surgery business in Las Vegas.

Currently, Destiny Davis serves the Newport Beach, California area as a well-recommended, reputable real estate agent. She was licensed in October 2015 to sell real estate. In the short time since she became licensed, Destiny Davis has sold over $15 million in properties and has amassed a little over $20 million in active listings. As a private person herself, Destiny Davis works with the discretion and professionalism that many of her high-profile clients have come to expect.

Amongst her passions for helping women, Destiny Davis is also passionate about helping children and animals in any way she can. She loves the outdoors, practicing yoga, and living in the land of the free.