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Destiny Davis Shares Actionable Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for Resale

When assessing the current real estate landscape, it’s not hard to notice the high inventory of homes on the market. Everywhere you look, a new house pops up. Unfortunately, the rate at which homes are selling is not matching up with the rate at which homes are being put up for sale. With such a saturated market, making your home stand out is more important than ever.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make before selling their home is to put little to no preparation into the presentation of the home. How you view your home is completely different than how a prospective buyer would view your home. California real estate agent, Destiny Davis, shares some easy yet actionable tips on how to make your home stand out amidst the competition.

The first tip to preparing your home for resell is to clean. No one really enjoys cleaning, but it is a vital necessity. Even if you regularly clean your home, make an effort to do extra cleanings during the time you’re trying to sell. Dusting those hard-to-reach places and having your carpet professionally cleaned can help eliminate the settling of germs, odors, and home pollutants we otherwise ignore.

Destiny Davis notes that cleaning your home also means decluttering. We never truly realize how much we accumulate in personal belongings over time. From pet furniture, kid’s toys, and those little odds and ends, everything can really add up over time. Decluttering your home also means removing as many personal items from view as possible. Buyers want to envision themselves in the space. Making the home as close to a clean slate as possible is ideal to achieve this goal.


Refreshing your homes curb appeal can do wonders in making your home more inviting. Destiny Davis knows first-hand how the exterior of a home is a huge selling point for buyers. Clean siding, a freshly painted front door, and a new welcome mat can do wonders. Spruce up your landscaping with low maintenance greenery that looks good any time of the year. Mow, weed, and plant flowers to really bring the yard to life.


Finally, it is imperative that you make necessary repairs to a home before trying to sell it. The last thing a prospective buyer wants is to inherit the problems of the previous homeowner. You shouldn’t put a home on the market until you have completed the all of the necessary repairs. Something as small as a broken door hinge can really throw off the perfect image you are trying to create for home buyers.


You’d be surprised at how much a few minor touch ups to your home can really help bring the value and resell appeal. For more information on how to get your home, be sure to contact Destiny Davis today.



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